the Official Miscellany

FlumeAward – the Official Miscellany 17182151Who-ology: Dr. Who: the Official Miscellany Dr. Who is popular with some students. This book … More

verily, a new hope

FlumeAward – verily, a new hope William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by Ian Doescher Please, please, please put this on the … More

Welcome to Night Vale

FlumeAward – a novel Welcome to Night Vale: a novel by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor


FlumeAward – jinx Discussion page for Jinx. The whole witch genre is hot and the older kids might like the … More

Ink Exchange

FlumeAward – Ink Exchange Discussion page for Ink Exchange To fully understand this book, Wicked Lovely should be read first. … More


FlumeAward – a Graphic Memoir Tomboy: a Graphic Memoir by Liz Prince I’d love for this to represent graphic novels … More