Get It Together, Delilah

Get It Together, Delilah by Erin Gough
PW Ages 14+


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  1. This was a pretty easy read, but other than that I can’t say I particularly enjoyed reading it. Delilah, a 17-yo Australian high school student, is trying to run her dad’s cafe while he takes an extended vacation. She struggles with making decent life decisions. The supervisor at the cafe gets deported, and Delilah basically drops of school to run the cafe, but she doesn’t do a very good job of it. (The fact that she was getting bullied at school for being gay has a lot to do with her decision to drop out.) Meanwhile she’s lying to her dad saying everything’s great every time checks in.
    I found the main characters kind of boring, annoying, and immature. I am, however, not this book’s target audience, and found it difficult to sympathize with what, as an adult, seems like one horrible decision and outburst after another. Delilah does, eventually, “get it together” and learn some wisdom in the process, but I didn’t particularly enjoy the journey. The writing was smooth enough to keep me going at least.
    Not recommended.
    -Katherine, Belmont Public Library

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